Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hiking (driving) at Bukit Jugra banting selangor

This is not hiking. Neither was walking. This is driving your car to the hill..

I was going to pick up my family at banting, selangor after weeks of "separated" during the school holiday. As usual i was googling to see if there is any famous hill nearby....Bukit Jugra was appeared the most famous one. Famous not because of hiking activities but paragliding activities.

As i reached banting at 5.00 pm, i still have about 1.5 hours before having dinner with my mother in law & sister in law family. So i decided to venture to bukit jugra to have a look at this place.

After 20 minute drive from the town, i was heading to some sort of kampung road. The surrounding was beautiful and mostly green grass, green plantation and some traditional malay house. I'm not sure whether i head to the right road but there are signboard indicate road to Bukit Jugra... It must be no mistake.

Then i saw the infamous Beggar Chicken place. This is the "legendary" original beggar chicken place. It is located inside temple compound.

Further down from here, we will reach the car park/ starting point to bukit jugra.

As i was driving and still wearing office wear, i didn't stop here...i just drive up! Although i not sure if vehicle is permitted to drive up to bukit jugra, i was neither care much as not much time for me to hang around.

It has nice tar road all the ways to the light house. First stage we pass by the Chinese cemetery area (I guess early morning jogging/hiking might not famous here) then less than 5 minute drive we will reach the light house gate. I park my car here.

I notice there are small road continue from here. It must be not far from the summit as i can see people jogging towards and u-turn back very fast...mean the distance to the end of the road is not far at all. If we were walking to here, i estimated it will take about 30 minute going up and under 1 hours to complete bukit jugra.So this is the easiest trail after all.

Bukit Jugra is really got a magnificent scenery. Its remind me Bukit Broga, semenyih but here the scenery is much much amazing.

First you got a light house to show off(still in operation)
Second you got a Hollywood size signage
third you are standing 400 meter frm sea level
forth you can see the best ever green view in front of your eye
sixth You can see sungai langat (Hulu)
seventh you can see selat melacca
eighth you can see container shipping sailing
ninth you can feel the tender wind
tenth You can choose to have all the above without a single drop of sweat!!!

**I will be back***

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