Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hiking (Walking) at Sungai Siput Heawood Garden hill - Taman Tun Sambanthan Hill

Sungai Siput is a place surrounded by mountain & hills. However it is a bitter fact that Sungai Siput do not have much choice for 2-3 hours hiking activities. You have can have either the famous lion Hill (which not suitable) or the plantation hill behind Taman heawood or Taman Tun Sambanthan. Well certainly you can choose the mountan at rasah, perlop, felda etc..but that will take overnight preparation.

As i not prepared to climb the lion hill again, i went to Heawood Garden Hill for a light walking. Before that I've already posted bout the changes undergoing at the entrance to the hill due to The northern Electrified Double Track project Ipoh to Padang Besar. Click Here

In University times, i used to practise my stamina here. I will run from the railway all the way to the middle part of the hills which about 200-300 Meter. Thats was long long time ago. Today i go with my son, my brother and his son.

Honestly, it is a very very boring walk. Not challenging at all and most of the time you just see oil palm tree. After bout 10-15 minute, you will have a choice to continue go up or turn right for 1st exit.

If we continue, it will another 5-10 minute to reach 2nd alternative exit. At this point you are most probably at 100-150 meter high. I took this exit.

However i had experience going up all the way until i reach the border between reserve forest and oil palm plantation. That is about 350-400 Meter. That's more satisfaction.

After take exit road, we will able to see some nice scenery of sungai siput gardens.

When reach the lowest road junction, you will notice got one indian temple. That temple is undergoing renovation. Its been exist for more than 20 years. Interesting is the temple committee had built up some statues. One of it is Cobra Snake.....

I have a bad experience with cobra snake at this hill. Back dated 15 years ago, while i was jogging, i didn't realise got a big 5-6 feet cobra snake laying beside the small road. As i approach the snake, it suddenly "jump" straight and make sound. It was about 3 feet from my leg only. Its gold & yellow color. Just like the statues. I was damn scare and quickly run back when the snake making its way to rubber tree..

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