Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harvard Graduated NBA Superstar Jeremy Lin Shu How 林書豪 : LINSANITY the most unbelievable story in the NBA

My love for the basketball game was started since secondary school when people advice me play a lot basketball if i wanna grow taller! At Form 5, i manage to represent my school for inter-school tournament. Although just for 2 games. Then i stop playing when study STPM.

In UKM, i'm lucky to stay at Com Z as the basketball court was just stone away. I'm also lucky to know some basketball kaki who still in touch until today. Every day, at 2 or 3 pm i will start my exercise (if no classes). After running 5 km, i will play basketball until 7.00pm above (average 3 hours per times). Highest achievement in UKM was represent com z in first year, captain at 2nd & 3rd year. However I left basketball life almost immediately when graduated from UKM.

My favorite NBA player was always Michael Jordon. I love shaquille o'neal.
Kobe bryant & Yoa Ming is noticed but not my favorite. Recently there is a fancy phenomena happened in NBA world. Its hits me hard and make my basketball memory come back.

Jeremy Lin 林書豪

He became a superstar overnight. So just google it you will find what you wanna know bout him. Here some info bout him;

I watch some of his hottest video clips and stunned by the way he play.

Below is the most unbelievable moment from him.
He success to draw the point for New York Knicks VS Toronto raptor in last 1 minute to go. fault in.

Then the deciding 3 point in less than 0.5 second.
He was calm, cool, handle pressure well, team mate trusted him, leadership and he is fast to make the shot. WOOHOO!!!! Thats kids is just amazing! If you are a basketball player , you will know what you going to react when see such amazing stunt!

From the below interview done early, jeremy lin is a strong christian follower.
(Couldn't find first part)

(Here is the full interview)

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