Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hiking at KL Tower : Hutan Lipur/Simpan Bukit Nanas @ Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur @ Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

1) First entrance- Jalan Raja Chulan (in front shell station)
2) 2nd entrance- jalan Ampang (opposite wisma Denmark)
3) KL Tower


2. Too comfort to call forest
3. Main walkway is staircase(frm end to end)
4. 3 mini trail...
5. Can complete in 1 hours
6. After light hiking, can visit kl tower if you wish so.
7. Although i dont enjoy the trail, i dont regret coming here as this is the last piece of forest in Kuala Lumpur city.(imagine you hiking at orchard road singapore)
8. First and last time coming here

In my opinion, it is better park your car either at jalan raja chulan entrance or jalan ampang as it will much easier complete the trail. At Jalan raja chulan got forestry department information counter. A mini gallery is open for public. Less than 10 minute walking you will reach KL Tower Entrance.

Walking in this forest is quite boring all the time. Because it was taken care very well, it lost its natural atmosphere. Too many upgrading and maintenance works to beautify to make public convenience and comfort, you will feel not much different walking at garden, public park or maybe resort like janda baik.

Luckily here got suspension bridge for different experience. Although its just knee high bridge, its quite long and fun for kids. If we walk over the suspension bridge, you will come out right at the entrance to the KL Tower sight seeing entrance. (Beside mini animal zoo)

Another location worth of mention is the bamboo trail. Nothing to shout but at least you will meet bamboo plant!!!

After the bamboo trail, we are near jalan ampang entrance. Compare jalan raja chulan entrance, towards jalan ampang is in very bad shape. Abandon fitness equipment, structural, house of guest etc....

After the trail, i wanna visit KL Tower as never been here before. Ya, we see each other every day but i never went up for sight seeing. After paying RM 88.00 for family package, we go into the lift with smelly shirt, short pant and some dirt on our shoe!!! Hahaha...

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