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Hiking Mount Kinabalu 2011 : South East Asia Highest Mountain (Part 1/4)

This is a back dated posting regarding hiking mount kinabalu which i completed in August 2011. Previously didn't have the right mood to write the posting as the journey itself was full with drama, excitement, upset, disappoint, etc. Our mood have been up and down like riding roller coaster in this trips. I will detail it down on later why i said so.

It is until my friends who just came back from hiking mount Kinabalu and post many beautiful photo in his facebook that really make me feel wanna put it back in blog.
LCCT was full with people heading back to Kinabalu during long holiday

The journey to Mount Kinabalu was set on 26-29 august 2011. Its also fall on Hari Raya Puasa period. The flight to Kinabalu Airport was really fully booked and LCCT is pack with sabahan going back for holiday break.
Kinabalu Airport immigresen check point

Waiting for our transport for 2 hours
Our group consist of 11 members. Team leader is our Hiking and Diving head Mr jeffrey tan. Reach Kinabalu Airport around 1.00 pm and meet our "agent" around 1.30 pm. We waited about 2 hour for the transport. ( First signal thing may get worst on the way). As we are in high spirit, we didn't notice any fishy and still happy to be in Kinabalu. After our transport reach, we cramp in one van and go for lunch.

1borneo shopping Mall

After a quick lunch at Nasi Ayam Antarabangsa, which is just opposite road from 1 Borneo shopping Mall, we went to buy last "goods" in 1borneo shopping mall before heading to Kundasang. Its will takes about 2.5 hours to reach kundasang.
Wild boar meat BBQ

Funny that the sabahan people write "San Chu Low"

The road to Kundasang can be dangerous
We reach our accommodation at Puncak Borneo Resort around 6.30 pm. All of us sleep in double Decker dorm. Water was cold but the food at this resort is really good.

The first day was all about travel by air and then by road till Kundasang, the nearest town before start hiking to Mount Kinabalu at Timpohon or Mersilau gate.

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