Saturday, March 31, 2012

One day trips to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) : 7 hours driving and 25 Minute too Late.

Last week I was bit relief as works just finished and i got some time to rest before the next assignment coming in. Thus i plan a one day trips down, to visit the famous JPO or Johor Premium Outlet.

I was not a shoppingholic guys nor i like to wear branded outfit and acessories. The main purpose to pay a visit to JPO is because it been intensively promoted in newspaper and electronic media. I really curious how branded is the place and how premium is the products.

I start my journey as earlier as 7.00 am from Kuala lumpur to Johor. Driving non stop and when reach Yong Peng, I stop to have my breakfast at Yong Peng famous fish meatball. Then continue journey and reach JPO one hours later. Total distance from KL is +-300 KM and its take me bout 3.5 hours.

Approaching JPO, i got a feeling the place is not much people. (maybe it was friday). After park the car we go directly inside the place with full of excitement. Yet 5 minute in the "town" i feel terrible boring and loss appetite to continue the window shopping. Man... it was really boring like hell. After walk in famous shop like burberry and coach, we just walk around the whole area. Not more than 30 minute i call it a day.

Don't get me wrong, for some people JPO might really a heaven.

However for people who have the below "illness" is not advice to expect much from the place;

1) If you don't like spending money on expensive shirts and items
2) If you seldom buy anything new for at least 3 month - 6 months.
3) If you like to wear cheetah instead of nike.
4) If you not a branded kaki

Johor Premium Outlet, great for some but not for me. For those wish to visit you might consider wait a bit longer as there will be Premium Outlet franchisee in KL very very soon. Sepang & Melacca had been announced. And most probably I-city will have another one very soon.

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