Friday, April 27, 2012

Hiking : Taman Pendidikan Bukit Gasing @ Bukit Gasing Hiking Trail 1 : Suspension Bridge

Bukit Gasing have been my most frequent hiking venue for the past 2 years. Its one of my favourite leisure hiking venue and its never get me bored as there are just too many trail you can choose. You can have 30 minute hiking, 60 minute, 2 hours or even 3 hours trail if you familiar with it. Difficulties level also can be set by your own from very very leisure walk to medium difficult.

Although the place is too famous to find, below is my favourite location map to it.

1. Go to Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya
2. Look for Poh Lum Fatt Yuen or Poh Lum Temple
3. Turn into the road beside the temple (Jalan Lembah 5/2)
4. Go straight along Jalan Tanjong 5/4
5. You will find the official entrance arch at you right

Trail One : 1 hours - 1.5 hours to complete
a) From entrance Arch go straight
b) Turn left into first small bridge
c) Hike up
d) First T-Junction, Turn left to Lorong Denai 2
e) 2nd T-junction,Turn Right
f) Go up all the way till you reach the famous junction where you can choose go to watch tower or Suspension bridge. We choose Left to Suspension Bridge.
g) Go all the way and bypass few rest station until you meet a split road to suspension bridge
(Either way is also same as if you choose right you come out to left, vice versus)
h) We choose right as it will be more easier...heheh
i) Go all the way and if you come across split road just choose the left (vice versus if coming from another direction)
j) Here you will experience up and down hill and steep level is fun!
k) You will soon notice the suspension bridge in front of you eye.
(Latest after repairing works the bridge is now in blue color)
l) Cross the bridge
m) you can choose exit to TAR road on your right exit or complete the circle by go straight
n) You will return back using the same road earlier
o) At the 2nd t-junction earlier, just go straight and you will exit via fences
p) Now we are exit at the playground and at the left is the main entrance earlier

Main Entrance

Turn Left at first bridge

Warming up

First T-Junction - Turn Left

2nd T-Junction, Turn right

Famous junction, go straight to suspension bridge

Rest station

We saw something and decided have a look-out of normal track

We dont mean this...

Part of Bukit Gasing is already being cleared and housing is on the way

Take right (lighter) left (heavier)

Take right if got split road

The newly repaired suspension bridge

Another exit to tar road if we take right

rest station

Using same route to exit

Exit at playground

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