Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jalan Sultan Kuala Lumpur : A different type of Flea Market

We all know Jalan Petaling was famous with chinatown status and one of the main tourist attraction in Malaysia. Lots of souvenir, shirt and gifts is selling like hot cake for year and years. Certainly it also selling lots immitation items. However just like Hong Kong and Singapore women street, immitation is unavoidable if wanna become main attraction for lower market.

Little people know Jalan Sultan was also famous for its "flea market" status. A different type of flea market actually. Some call it Rare Market, Thieves Market, Indon Market, 2nd hand market, Scrap Market and also old market.

I visited this flea market on last month. Purposely just wanna to see what its sell and why so many people (Indon) going there. Curiousity always cured with first hand experience.The flea market is normally start at 700am and by 900am all the trader will dissapear in second as it is illegal.

I must say it is not a comfortable walk as the place is full with indonesian, smell terrible, lots of old people, crowded, products are not the type you wanna touch and buy. However some products is really unique and worth to see it.

Its take me 20 minute to walk around before leave the place as the time already 900am. Will i come again...... well honestly Yes, but it will be long long time again.

Enjoy the picture;

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