Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hiking : Gunung Angsi Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan Via Bukit Putus - When easier Hike can become nightmare!

The Proper Entrance to Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus

Entrance Fees is RM 5.00 per person

Gunung Angsi is located in Kuala Pilah, situated at 825 Meter or 2702 square feet from sea level. It is Negeri Sembilan highest mountain (Some said highest mountain is actually Gunung Dato). Earlier I have been planning to hike gunung angsi since last year after completed Gunung Dato on August 2011. However due to time constraint and physically limitation, i didn't make it until this year last week.

Warning! This entrance no more in use

Warning! This entrance no more in use

The route is blocked by plants & Bushes

I fell here...there is actually 2 trunk tree in parallel side by side 

Uncomfortable route

Dangerous, landslide..

All the while i always search intensively in google site after identify next hiking target. As i always go hiking without any guide or group, Blogsite is my only reference to new hiking venue.I been so grateful for all those hiker there putting important information on blog for the public benefit. Myself was getting back blogging space after felt appreciate what other hiker blogger doing. Except Bukit Gasing, FRIM and Mount Kinabalu, all hiking experience is actually first attempt and done with the help of  web info.

Small Cut yet big impact

However this time i was mislead and having a nightmare for too depending on hiking blog.

Direction to Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus.

1. Exit Seremban or Senawang PLUS Highway toll
2. Heading for Kuala Pilah direction
3. Go into new Kuala Pilah - Seremban Highway (no Toll)
4. U will pass by old road to Bukit Putus (on right)
5. Look for signagage Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul
6. Few Hundred meter before reach Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul, U will see old road exit point from bukit putus.
7. Turn on your Right
8. You will see a "Songkok" arch at left
9. Keep your eye on your left for a Red Signage
10. Park your car once you found it.
11. This is the new entrance name Panjang R&R entrance.

This new entrance is actually cut short hiking time from original 3 - 3.5 hours (From Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul) to only 1.5 Hours! Great and save lots of time.

I was mislead when thought the entrance to short cut route via Bukit Putus was actually mark by a Small Yellow signage few hundred meter from the exit point (Pangjang R&R). So as mention in others blog, i park my car at exit point and walk toward the entrance" few hundred meter down. I was wrong!!!!!

This is the uncle who always cook for the trekker for free

The signage is still there and i thought i'm using the right route. However I feel something not right when the route is block by plants, bushes and seem long time no one using this route. I stop the progress when i reach a place where i couldn't see any route going in front. I immediately going back when i come from. My attire was wet & dirty due to the plants breeze and spora , I feel down once due to unclear sight of fallen tree trunk and i had a small cut on hand. The small cut was painful but what i worry most is the wound will open for bacteria to come in. Not long after the cut, my body temperature go down. (Part of the reason also due to Wet & PANIC!!!), My hand wound started to swollen and i feel the effected area is hard and numb. And to make it worst, my stomach is pain due to the cold... need Toilet!

I start hiking at 7.30 am and when i came out, it's already 8.30 am. We wasted precious first 1 hours energy and mentally bit shaken by the incident. When i reach my car, there is an officer waiting to collect entrance fees (RM 5.00). I ask him where is the actual entrance to summit, he pointed in front of my car!!! %#%&#^What a stupid idiot am i!!! I ask whether the old shortcut route is still in use? He say its been closed for quite some time.

Immediately I drive my car to Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul toilet. Less than 10 minute i come back at the same spot and restart my hiking.

Its take me 2 hours to reach the summit. The morning incident effected my physical and the small cut is affected my mentality. In fact the numb is only only better after one day. I was experience cramp 30 minute before reach the summit. At summit spend 5 minute and rush down. Take another 2 hours to go down........extreme cramp again!!! IF not because the whole drama and cramp i believe it will only takes 1.5 hours to go up and 1 hours to come down.

*At 30 - 45 minute first hike, you will come to a "station". Here you can have free tong sui when coming back from summit. There is a strange uncle (no smile, no talk more and no eye contact) always preparing tong sui free for all hiker to Gunung Angsi for the past few year. Later when i was coming down, i stop here and enjoy the best tong sui i ever have!! I also mix with the group called "Angsi Trekker"

* Only 4 important place should not be miss. First is the tong sui station when going up and coming down. 2nd is Reservoir view where you can view nice scenery. 3rd is the waterfall view, where you will have a aero dynamic view. Last is the summit........nothing to shout but make sure you take some photo with the landmark structural.

*If you are using hutan ulu bendul entrance, you will not see some of the mention view.


Anonymous said...

i am like you - always hiking by myself . so far pg hill , fraser's hill & gunung datuk . Nx will be maxwell hill , angsi & perhaps bukit jugra.

thks bro . hope we can motivate each other

Anonymous said...

Hai. I nak tanya, u naik Angsi ni x perlu guide ke? Sbb i ada kol forestry dept kuala Pilah, den dia ckp kalau nak guide kena buat surat. So camne eh? Kalau x nak guide, dia punya trek tu clear x?

Sarjan low said...


Kat pintu masuk dari tempat rekreasi Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul atau Short cut bukit putus biasa ada petugas jaga kutip duit RM5.00 seorang.

Trail ke angsi kalau dari bukit putus jelas dan sehala.

Saya tak pernah cuba dari Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul

tak pernah pulak dengar kena tulis surat kepada perhilitan

Unknown said...

Hi... I only recently heard of this mountain and am interested in trying it out... Do u know that if I start hiking at night via Bukit Putus, will there be anyone to collect the RM5 fee when I descend?? Or is the entry point not open at night??

Sarjan low said...

Hi there,

1) Not advice hiking at Night.
2) Depend on the officer on duty... I reach 7am no officer there.
3) The entry point is a open entrance... no open or close
4) This trek is very common and almost every day got hiker go up and down. You wont get lost easily coz trail are clear and traffic is high.
6) The famous "Angsi Trekker" group is always here..