Monday, May 21, 2012

Foods: Kuala Lukut, Lukut Port Dickson - Restaurant Soon Huat

I seldom blog bout foods although always search for nice and good foods in foodblog. However after yesterday i will start blogging bout food when come to opportunity.

I was in Lukut town last weekend for celebrating mother days for Mother in law. I not familiar with the foods here as most of the time i just leave the decision to my relatives to decided. But this time my relative hits it right as the place he suggested is very nice and unique.

Restaurant Soon Huat is located at Kuala Lukut, Lukut Port Dickson. I did come across this restaurant in food blog but didnt know where it actual location. The restaurant is actually sitting beside the Kuala Lukut fisherman port. So you will expected to see lots of small fisherman boat around here.


1. From Lukut town towards Port Dickson
2. By Pass Giant at dataran Segar
3. By Pass Big indian Temple
4. Immediate after the indian temple got traffic light
5. Turn Right (you shall saw Soon Huat Restaurant Signage)
6. Drive all the way until you by pass 2 big banglo at right
7. Turn Left (got Signboard)
8. Drive till the end and you will see restaurant soon huat.
9. Its actually located at fisherman port.

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