Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hiking : Taman Pendidikan Bukit Gasing @ Bukit Gasing Hiking Trail 2 : The Watch Tower

This is the 2nd famous trail at Gasing Hill after the suspension bridge.
You can choose 30 minute in and out by pass the watch tower or go hike longer and further.
For this time,  i choose the 30 - 40 minute trail via watch tower.

Trail Two: 30 - 40 minute to complete

a) From entrance Arch go straight
b) Go straight until end and you meet split road. Take the bridge
c) Turn left at bridge and Hike up
d) You will reach Watch Tower after bout 5 minute hike
e) Enjoy your view here
f) take the route from the watch tower and go down
g)meet a split road, Left is fences and right is going down to river
h) Turn left and walk all the way beside fences till you reach the famous junction spot.
right is to Suspension Bridge and left to exit.
i) Turn left 
j) go all the way down
k) just straight down till you meet the fences.
l) you will exit at the playground. 

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