Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hiking : Taman Pendidikan Bukit Gasing @ Bukit Gasing Hiking Trail 3 : Water Reservoir Tank

The water reservoir tank trail is not so famous among bukit gasing hiker. Partly because its a half jungle and half roadway trail. Its also need to using the same road to go back. (repeating trail). However this trail can lead you to some nice view which normally you can't see in the normal bukit gasing trail.

**This trail can actually lead you to come out at Pantai Dalam area.

Trail 3 : water reservoir tank - 30 - 40 Minute to complete

1. Using the main entrance
2. Go straight till junction to tower
3. Turn Right
4. Follow the signage going to Stream or just follow main path
5. Do not turn to any road except going straiight
6. Reach the river side. (option to turn right or cross river)
7. Turn right
8. Follow main trail
9. Reach another river
10. Cross the river and go up
11. Come out in roadway (right is small water reservoir tank)
12. Turn left and go all the way walking on TAR road
13. Turn Right when see the junction
14. Go till the end and here the water reservoir tank with some nice view
15. Go back using the same path where we begin.

Turn Right at here

This the second river. Instead of the famous one at the middle, this river site is much beautiful

Come up in road way

Meet the junction and turn right. Walk till end

end point

Going back using same way

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