Monday, June 18, 2012

Hiking : Taman Pendidikan Bukit Gasing @ Bukit Gasing Hiking Trail 4 : Watch Tower, New Garden, Pond & Playground

This Trail is quite different as part of it is not officially open to public. Even if the garden completed, the short cut to the park might not be accessible through bukit gasing trial. Without think twice we sneak in the so call "Gasing Park" or "Pantai Park" to have a first hand view what is actually going on in Bukit Gasing surrounding.

In this trail we will cover, Watch tower, New park area, Pond and coming out at the small playground.

Trail 4 : Watch Tower, New Garden, Pond & playground - 1 hours to complete

1. Using the main entrance
2. Go straight till junction to tower

3. Go up to the tower
4. Go down using front route of tower
5. Reach split point, go down again. (If go left is the fencing area leading to famous junction)
6. Down until meet another split road again, Take left. (Right is going to stream)
7. Walk main path till you notice got small route at right. (carefully search)
8. Go into the small route and meet split road again - Turn right
9. Enter to the Gasing Park...
10. Walk around and exit back to where we come from
11. Continue original trail (turn right when coming out from park)
12. Meet pond. Go Straight
13. Come out in main trail to hanging bridge.
14. Turn left
15. All the way till reach famous junction
16. Go straight, go down all the way.
17. Do not turn in any small road and u will reach the long fencing area behind a house
18. Come out at the playground.

Go up Here

Go down using other road infront of tower

Split road, go down somemore

Take left, right is to stream

Right after this small mini pond. look for your right

Cross over it

Turn right

Landmark - The gate

Gasing new garden or Pantai park?

come out from where you come from. continue trail - take right

Swimming or fish pond

Go straight at the pond

Come out main trail again - take left

famous junction

Fencing behind house

playground which famous for tai chi in the morning

The main entrance is on your left

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