Friday, November 16, 2012

Part 1: Sungai Lembing Pahang : Tin Mining town to Famous homestay

Sungai Lembing Pahang.

I have heard this place for quiet some time as trekker recommend 2 things to do here; Hike the panorama hill to witness the "sea cloud" and Rainbow waterfall. You must plan 3 day 2 night trips if you wanna see both venue.

Sungai Lembing was once a very famous tin mining town. Different from tin mining in perak where mostly use water, here they used fire to burn. Although there is only about 1000 plus resident staying here, every weekend the tourism industry here is fantastic. Accordingly every weekend there will be hundred of outstation people come over to stay.

It is a very small town indeed. You can walk the whole "town" area in less than 20 minute. The local delicacy is a must buy items for souvenir to take back. Its taste good. We stay at homestay and the condition was tip top too.

Definitely will come back whenever got chance.

Here is some photo to share;

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