Sunday, January 20, 2013

Part 3: Sungai Lembing Pahang : Hiking Bukit Panorama- The Sea Cloud

There are 2 main reason why people coming to sg lembing. One is because of Rainbow waterfall and the other is Bukit Panorama Sea Cloud. As both of the venue also in early morning, you can only visit one venue per day. We choose Bukit Panorama.
Bukit Panorama is about 290 Meter. Its all the way up and mostly is staircase trail. Normal will take about 40-45 minute to reach the peak. Fit person only need about 25 minute. So it can be catogarize as easy trail. Yo need to bring headlamp or torch light as hiking will start as earlier as 5am.
One you reach the top, go until the end of the trail as that is the most ideal spot to view the magnificient scene. Its normally full of people in weekend. We are unlucky on tat morning as mist is not much. It'se been dry season for some week and the water level at river is the proof.

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I just got back from Sungai Lembing recently.
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