Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sungai siput best food :The biggest food court in sungai siput

Persiaran komersil 1, Jalan lintang
Looking for some foods during dinner or night time in sungai siput is never so easy and so concentrated. Located beside TF valuemart hypermarket,  the food court here covered 4 block corner shoplot and more than 6 foodcourt operator. The stretch is about 100 meter or 300 ft.
If u come here earlier, u will notice the whole stretch of road is cover with plastic table and chair. Then u might wonder can all this table chair fill with customer as easily few hundred table and thousand of chair in combine. Well if u come again after 8pm or 9pm u will shock to see full sea of people and u cant help to ask where all these people coming from... are they sungai siput resident. Yes most is siputman abd siput women.
Here also provide free wifi!!! Cool...
I couldnt find anything very special, very tasty or really impress me. For me its just many many stall, many foodcourt and many people. But Generally the food stall here getting better and more variety.
2 thing I will say not bad. First is the drinks. Just go any foodcourt and order drinks like hot coffee or teh ais. Its always better standard in kuala lumpur. Especially coffee.
Second there is a food stall selling wan tan mee located at "kafe little swallow" or ,小燕子茶室. This seller is second generation selling wan tan mee in sungai siput. The "ah kong wan tan mee" is very famous. One of the son selling at the pasar besar. Another son selling here.
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