Friday, August 09, 2013

Sungai siput best food: kampung taste nasi lemak

Every time im back sungai siput I will not miss the special nasi lemak at the pasar besar. Its located beside Arked Mara, opposite kfc and with a red canopy. Last time its just using folded plastic table, this time I notice they built a wooden counter..good business.
What so special?
Well actually its nothing "special" for those always eat heavy commercial nasi lemak at coffee chain restaurant. Because those people most probably cant remember the original taste nasi lemak.
Here the nasi lemak sold are basically original kampung style and as simple as only sambal and kacang. The sambal and rice are so nice that I always eat more than 2 pack of nasi lemak biasa.
Its give me the taste of my childhood nasi lemak. And the price is just rm 1.20 per pax.

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