Sunday, October 13, 2013

Siput Cowboy: Shooting Experience at City Square Shooting Gallery Sdn Bhd



The last time i use firearm was during university time. I was a reserve unit training officer (ROTU) or PALAPES. For 3 years we been shooting live bullet during training or competition. Its not something great but rather something special experience that rarely had.

After almost 15 years, my friends was very keen to try firearm experience. Asking me how they can try once in lifetime. I knew in Groupon, Shooting package was always a great demanding deals. Shooting package which offer by City Square shooting gallery giving almost 40%-60% discount compare normal price. So i promise will alert them when its come. When i buy the voucher from Groupan, i call up shooting gallery and going through some procedure before we can try firearm. 

1. Filtering or Vetting from Police. We submitted all name, photostat IC and form to City Square Shooting Gallery as requested. After waited for about 30 days, all the participant receive green light from police. (Those have criminal record or blacklisted in police database will not allowed to take part) 

2. Attend Classes before shooting. After choose your date for shooting, you need to attend briefing in classroom. Its will take about 2 hours but you can do it on the same shooting day. Here the experience instructor especially Mr Kevin will brief the important and how dangerous firearm can be. Its a very informative briefing and make us take seriously what we going to do next. 

3. Shooting position briefing. After some awareness, come 2nd part of briefing where instructor will teach how to hold the gun, standing position and how to aim correctly. I was delight and shock to learn my dominant eye is actually at left!! No wonder i was a lousy shooter at UKM. Suddenly my doubt was clear and feel happy i discover something about myself. Really have to thank you City Square Shooting Gallery.

4. ACTION time. All of the participant must register again to withdraw firearms at armory counter. Then each one was given a Goggles and Headset for eye and ear protection. We will shoot at the Static Range room.

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