Monday, October 14, 2013

Water Snail Diving: Siput on Certification Scuba Diving Pulau Redang Terengganu Trips 01

It's been some time i wanna try Scuba Diving experience. As the world is 75% occupied with water, i believe Scuba diving is something we can't miss if we wanna get nearer the mother earth. I been hiking for some time, paragliding also checked, so its time for me to explore new world.

The opportunity come when my friends who is my weekend hiking kaki ask if i interest to try scuba diving together. In coincident, my another hiking kaki friend wife is a very experience dive instructor with SDI. So without hesitate, i jump on the boat to start the journey.

After declare to get certification in scuba diving, we confirmed with friends wife Ms Joey. She was a very experience dive instructor and already dive more than 10 years around the world dive site. Great White, Shark, Wrack Ship, Night Dive etc..she already gone through all. The first thing she arranged was 2 times swimming pool lesson and 3 day 2 night Pulau Redang Trips.

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