Thursday, February 27, 2014


Call Ms Orkid/Kapten Ikhwan at 012-281 8032.

 1. PARAGLIDING....Something new in my outdoor dictionary yet always wanna try for the past few year. (

As my relative is at Banting Selangor, I heard about "Bukit Jugra" which got nice view, Hiking venue and Paragliding experience for public. I finally determine to give it a try and contacted Ms Orkid from Persatuan Luncur Udara Malaysia.

2. You need Luck in this sport! Yeah... It is really disappointing  as my first booking cancelled due to bad weather. I was driving in the morning from Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Jugra with the sky clear and strong wind. However to my dismay when i reach Bukit Jugra foothill (where i suppose to wait there), the sky suddenly turn black and rain started to fall...... Like the rain, my heart is down also.

However as consolidation, Ms Orkid ( A very nice Ladies) cheer me up with some nice durian at nearby farm.... 

3. Then waited for another 2 weeks ( I was really determine wanna try) i booked another date with Ms Orkid from Persatuan Luncur Udara Malaysia. . This time he ask me go to the shop first to some briefing... as my wife working, i bring along my kids together... (The shop is just infront of Mcdonald Banting Selangor)

4. There are another group of three on that day. After briefing we all go together to Bukit Jugra around 11am

5. God is always treat everyone fair. On that day, i was able to experience the paragliding tandem with fullest satisfaction. I was last to go but lucky the wind was strong enough to enable me "hang" for extra couple of minute....

6. There are another paragliding sports regular there. I saw a 10 years old boy doing paragliding by himself!! also i saw a veteran can hang on the air for about 30 minute without going down..... Impress...

Here are some photo;

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