Thursday, February 13, 2014

Waterfall : Lata Ulu Chepor-Kampung Ulu Chepor-Chemor Perak

1. From KL-PLUS exit at ipoh toll
2. Go till the end of the highway toward kuala kangsar and exit before the road merge with the main way to north... Exit Chemor, Jelapang, Sungai Siput  (There are 2 or 3 way showing exit to Sungai SIput... take the last one exit where you can see the toll booth at right before road merge)
3. Traffic light turn right
4. You will see big MYDIN Jelapang at right
5. Just go straight toward Chemor (One road only)
6. Look out the clearly indicated signage at left "Pusat Perkelahan Ulu Chepor)

1. In the past, used to be my secondary school favor place for camping
2. After more than 20 years, Ulu chepor have lost its shine
3. Facilities is not in good condition although we have to pay to go in
4. Not "Wow" scenery
5. Never hike far toward water "head" . According the caretaker, if we hike far away we can find a remarkable waterfall... but he advice not go as too far away...
6. No need walk as you can drive and park beside the spot you like....
7. Will not go again...