Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Travel : Sekinchan Paddy Field, Sekinchan Fisherman Village, Sekinchan Treehouse and Sekinchan Seafood

Sekinchan is a beautiful and peaceful mind place. The paddy field green make you calm down and the blue cloud make you comfortable. For me Sekinchan is represent the color of green and blue of the mother nature.

I have visited sekinchan few times. However only seen the green paddy fields once. The rest is either golden yellow or "empty". Make sure what season you go sekinchan to avoid disappointment.

Recently TVB Hong Kong Drama Outbound Love or 单恋双城 features few nice scene at Sekinchan paddy field and the treehouse..

Four most important things you should do in Sekinchan;

1. Paddy Fields
2. Fisherman Village
3. Treehouse
4. Seafood

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