Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hiking : Part 1 - Gunung Nuang 1,498 metres (4,898 ft) Highest Mountain in Selangor


1. From Cheras-Kajang Highway, Turn left to Batu 9 road after passing the toll
2. Go straight till reach traffic light (Police station) turn left
3. Go straight all the way..... long drive
4. By pass sungai congkak waterfall and toward Pangsoon Dam 
5. At the end of the road, you will see Gunung Nuang entrance arch at left.
GPS: N3.21639 E101.88369

On May 2013, I finally decided to try hike Gunung Nuang which is the highest mountain in Selangor. There are so many story i heard about this mountain and most of it is not favorable. Most of the hiker who hike Gunung Nuang before always give this remark " It's Tougher Than Mount Kinabalu". As i have completed Mount Kinabalu some years ago, i really can't imagine how its going to be tougher than Mount Kinbalu.. in the same time I also bit of chicken out. 

Therefore to comfort myself, i plan to "survey" the place first instead of hike to the summit (play safe) but It's really a bad idea as we really can't taste much of gunung nuang if only reach Kem LOLO...

1. We start the journey around 900am to enter the famous "Never Ending Road"... Actually you will only learn why its call the never ending road after reach the summit and returning to car park....

2. Total 6 KM gradually steep wide clear road. 

3. Bamboo forest, Orang ASLI house, Water Dam and finally the Camping side.

4. I take 2 hours to reach Kem LOLO... at the same time Muscle started cramp...Recently use to cramp frequently. Maybe body weight getting more burden.

5. Still feel ok, chat with some camping guys and very confident can do it to the summit next round..(I was totally an idiot to think so at that moment)

6. Reach back car park at 100pm.

7. Confident to reach summit in next actual hike august 2013.
(Again...... I'm very regret to think so)

***Nightmare and Miracle survive in next posting***

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