Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sungai Siput White Coffee: HICOMI International Sdn Bhd

Recently a famous actor from hong kong was in ipoh for film shooting. Then posted in his Facebook suggesting one brand of 3 in 1 white coffee which he think is the best. Namely HICOMI.

For malaysian and ipoh mali citizen, we might think "what is the brand again??". Coz most of us might never heard it before. Most of us drink the brands which already famous or being heavy advertise in media. So HICOMI is certainly not a well known brands... by the way, you hardly can find it in klang valley and major hypermarket store.
The actor recommended white coffee have make some impact on me as i was eager to know why that brands of 3 in 1 taste good to him. But as mentioned, you will find it difficult to get it in klang valley.

Last week i went back to sungai siput for my dad last funeral ritual. 
As usual i went to the kacang menglembu delicacy store at end of the town. Surprisingly i saw the 3 in 1 white coffee here! There are 2 favor, original and premium which sold at rm 13 and rm14 each. Every pack got 15 sacks.

The greater news is this 3in1 white coffee was own by sungai siput company name HICOMI INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD... and the factory address was actually just behind my home!!!! 
Thats really WOW! 

Bought each a pack. Back hotel try immediately. Hm.... the original is not a wow taste although got bitter taste. The premium is smoother. Overall it is ok.

I guess maybe they manufactured it to specify export out of malaysia.
Sungai siput was famous for kacang all this while. ... can this 3in1 coffee come nearer to the fame of kacang? I hope so.

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