Friday, October 24, 2014

Hiking : Revisit Bukit Ketumbar cheras @ Hutan Kayu Kayan Negara @ Bukit Seputih

Its been almost 3 years didn't hike at Bukit ketumbar Cheras. Most people compare this hiking place as identical as Bukit Saga@ Ah Pak San but without the waterfall.
For the trail distance, Bukit Ketumbar trail is 1/3 of Ah Pak San trail. 

This time i take the right route after the entrance temple. The first stop was the Kuala Lumpur city view. Too bad as these few days KL was hazy so not too much to enjoy.

The 2nd stop is already the climax, a mini gymnasium garden. Here we hang around for some times to enjoy the facility. 
Then all the way down to car park.

** what still annoying me was TOO MANY DOG!!!!!!! ALSO POOH POOH!!
Last time i just encounter 2 dogs.... now at least 6 dog!!


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