Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Food : Pau Kampung Sin Hiap Chang, Kota, Negeri Sembilan

Pau Kampung Sin Hiap Chang (Halal)
Address:  PT.2, Jalan Besar Kota, 71350 Negeri Sembilan.
Contact:  012-6315544      06-4381004

Last Week went to Batu Pahat, Johor for a short family trips. On my way to Kuala Lumpur, my brother in law suggest we make a exit at Mambau Toll for a nice Pau. He recommends "Pau Petai" which I just follow as time is still permitted.

From Mambau Toll, Its take another 10-15 minute. Towards the destination, i strongly feel have been this place before as the surrounding was very familiar... Then suddenly saw a signage written "Hutan Rekreasi Gunung Dato"..... Ah....no wonder so familiar. I have hike twice Gunung Dato in the past and irony is the pau Petai-Pau Kampung Sin Hiap Chang was nearby junction to Gunung Dato!!! It was a normal kopitiam restaurant which you probably won't expect any big surprise.

We order some Pau Petai and some other different taste also. To my surprise the "Pau Petai" is really something different. I wont say it is a WOW taste, but it really give you nice taste if you not against the smell.

We eat some and tapoa alots too. The funny thing is the take away order was given in a carton box!! Which i laugh as the only time i see this kind of purchasing is at Big Bad Wolf Sales!!!


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