Sunday, February 28, 2016

HIKING : Setia Alam Community Trail, Setia Alam, Shah Alam Selangor

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Earlier i didn't believe when a friend said Setia Alam/Klang got hiking trail.
After few month when i feel wanna try new hiking place, i google the place. Surprisingly its a quite famous place as lots of blogger have been posted about it.

1. Location : Follow the Map provided by the setia alam trail group (Near Setia City Shopping Mall area)
2. There are 3 Main entrance to the forest... personally Suggest use Entrance A if first time here (Nearest to the construction side)
3. The Trail: Again The Map done by the setia alam trail group is very detail and very useful.
4. Not advice to hike alone although the info is sufficient. As the trail can be misleading.
5. Main attraction is the PEAK GARDEN.

*If can hike earlier,  Setia Alam Community Trail have a very amazing breeze view from the forest nearby.
*From entrance to Peak garden and exit same route.... I take 2 hours...
*The trail can easily up to 4 four if wanna make one big circle...

Here are the photo:

Entrance A is the small trail going up

This is actually another trail side by side the forest trail


This area is nice too.. but under contruction


When you see this flag... The PEAK GARDEN!

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Anonymous said...

rajin bebenor budak sungai siput ni bertrekking ye....bila pula nak bertrekking di taman negara pahang. takkan nak bior pelancong orang putih aje meneroka hutan hujan tertua di dunia ni aje. bila pula pendekar sungai siput nak menjelajah negara sendiri.