Thursday, February 02, 2017

MEX Highway : My daily theraphy highway

I have been using MEX HIGHWAY since its opening for free trail until today. Average twice a day. It's used to be my fastest route from house to office however last 3 years it's not so.
Sometime eventhough Waze apps show alternative fastest route to home, I purposely not follow if the different is not much. I will still prefer MEX..Friends sometime call me life member of MEX Highway.. haha
Why? And what make me like to use MEX Highway?  The scenery on the sky. Especially the after working hours.... u can have great view of different cloud and different kind of sunset in the sky while driving back.
I especially like to use MEX HIGHWAY to KLIA around 630 to 730pm or early morning 645 to 730am . U will have opportunity to witness the beautiful color tone and special cloud in the sky...
I been hiking to everest Base Camp and annapurna circuit, I know what is mean beautiful sky.... although in malaysia u can't have the WOW factor compare Himalayas.... MEX Highway do offer something different and great...
I shall post out more photo I took about the sky on MEX Highway later..

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