Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pekan Broga: Gigantic Monkey God at Sak dato Temple & Tour to Rabbit Farm

Broga is a nice place for many reasons. This small town in semenyih is well known of its hiking activities Broga Hill, Rabbit farm, University of Nottingham and also Sak Dato Temple.

I have hike Bukit Broga last year; Click Here

This time i went back to Broga for some valuable time with my family. I visited the famous sak dato temple and rabbit farm (opposite broga hill entrance)

Direction to Sak Dato Temple :
Sap sap sui. From direction to Broga Hill, just keep driving...straight straight straight.... then you will reach Sak Dato Temple.

0830 reach Pekan Broga for Breakfast
0900 reach Sak Dato Tempple
1100 leave Sak Dato Temple
1120 Reach Rabbit Farm
1230 Back to KL

Here some photo to share;

From Broga Hill, just one way toward here
Famous for the 4D...
Donate and pray over here
just ncie
Can see Broga Hill from here...
Few years back, this is the only monkey god statue
old man fishing
Chinese legendary creature: turtle body dragon j
The theme of this place is actually monkey god
The zodic animal here is better than Thian Hou Temple..
The new attraction: Suspension Bridge to the monkey god statue

Gigantic monkey god up the peak of the hill.
The bridge is not so "suspen"
This is really beautiful. More than what broga hill can offer
Going up here need some patient as when the sun is up, sweating and tiring will come. Bring small water
This is "Wo Hua Guo" Seedless fruits. Can buy at entrance stall
Here you can enjoy GREAT view
The statue is at least 50 - 60 feet
Wow nice view ... The guys below didnt reach the top.
Never thought can have such a nice view here
This might be malaysia biggest monkey god
Fish pond nearby
Pray and get some holy water

If you bringing kids along, make sure you reach there as early as possible. The path to the giant monkey god is actually quite sweating as its hot and uphill. However once you reach top, you will never regret the effort as the breathtaking scene is really beautiful.

After spent bout 2 hours here, we turn back to rabbit farm. The farm is run by East Asia Rabbit Cooperation Sdn Bhd or their webiste is http://www.earcsb.com/. According to the owner, the farm got bout 30,000 rabbit!!!! Entrance Fees is RM 5.00 per person (including children) and RM10.00 for a pack of fruits for animal.

Here, we can chase, hug, feed and watch the rabbit.

Well, if you not bored, you still can try poney/horse riding

Feel like chicken farm...but all rabbit

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